Polyphonic is an online music streaming platform developed in Belgium and focused on those melophiles passionate about underground music, curating playlists and sharing those with like minded peers. 

The brief was to develop their annual report microsite including relevant information for its subscribers, designed in a cool and engaging format adhoc to the brand philosophy and concept.

In order to give the microsite a very underground feeling and make it appealing for the target, I decided to utilize very grungy elements like textures and a very specific typography that highlights the whole concept by using it with a pink tone, which over the dark background creates a very engaging contrast.

Something that was really challenging when designing this microsite was the fact that utilizing literal musical elements like instruments, musical notes and similar things was a no go in the brief. In that sense, I walked on the border of that and decided to include black and white images where some musical hardware and other related elements are shown, but more as valuable, vintage musical toys, which is definitely something this specific audience is passionate about.