In this brief I was commissioned to create a boutique brand within the consumer product realm and develop its packaging. Based on that I decided to create a Gin brand based on the concept of 1920’s Paris and especially around the art of equilibrism, high rope walkers, jugglers and other misunderstood artists involved in those activities.

Having different naming options, I decided to call it Kinkers, which is a word that refers to those that perform at the circus. It’s a short and catchy name that aligns very well with the whole brand concept.

Going deeply on the concept, Kinkers Gin is based on the story of Fabien Duchamp, a famous equilibrist in the 1920’s who after an unfortunate accident couldn’t keep performing at its best and he recurred to alcohol as a refugee, eventually turning that into an unexpected profession. That story is reflected in the front label’s interior face with a little bit of dark humour.

The colours and typography selected for Kinkers reflect a mix of a traditional 1920’s style with a little bit of boldness and eccentricity that are intrinsic to this brand.