This brief consisted on designing the front cover and one article for a new magazine oriented for authentic and passionate action sports fans who think that nowadays this industry went too mainstream. As part of the project I was commissioned to come up with the magazine name and look and feel.

From different naming options, I decided to call the magazine Flip because a flip is one of the most iconic and utilized tricks in almost any action sport and the base for executing other tricks. Also, being a very short word allowed to create a cool logo with the same letters and play with it in many different ways.

For both the front cover and the article I decided to go for a raw and sort of underground look and feel with a predominantly black and white, textured concept, thinking to be printed on thicker, matte paper. I decided to go through this path considering that this is a hardcore action sports audience who are usually irreverent, authentic and with a punk attitude towards life.

Although the article information is the most relevant element and the layout is thought that way, I decided that the visual aspect should be almost equally important to add more value to the magazine content. Based on that I designed the additional information/quotes in a non-traditional way aiming to add authenticity and differentiation to the publication.